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Backby Manor was owned by the Kaisankoti Home of the Kaisa Kallio Citizens’ Gift Foundation from 1957 to 2018. After moving to the manor area, it became known as Kalliomaan Kaisankoti. Before Backby Manor, Kaisankoti Home had operated in Kauniainen.

Kaisankoti was founded by Kaisa Kallio, the wife of President Kyösti Kallio, in 1938 after she received 375,000 Finnish markkas as a gift collected from the general public for her 60th birthday. At that time, she was the educated wife of a farmer with a large-scale farm, the mother of a family of six, a grandmother and the president’s wife, who had not always been treated gently by life. Knowing the challenges of everyday life very well, helping women who were exhausted by work or family life was close to Kaisa Kallio’s heart. Kaisankoti Home became a nursing home of Christian values for these women to restore their working condition. The operations were disturbed in the early stages by the Winter War and the Continuation War.

After the manor had been transferred to the ownership of the Foundation, extensive repairs were carried out in the main building to provide rooms for 30 guests. Kaisankoti Home was initially a private medical institution whose clientele consisted mainly of the elderly. The operations were subsequently transformed into a research and treatment facility for performing physical examinations and providing physiatrics treatments. The clientele also started to include people in working age. The rehabilitation of frontline war veterans and disabled war veterans was launched later.

In the 1980s and 1990s, Kaisankoti Home became a well-known rehabilitation and holiday centre in Espoo. The Foundation built a 50-room hotel spa and modern rehabilitation facilities in the area. The objective was to specialise in the early rehabilitation of people in working age and in the rehabilitation of back and musculoskeletal disorders. For fundraising purposes, the Foundation was engaged in the hotel and restaurant business. In the last years, it was known as Kaisankoti Welfare Manor.

In 2018, the properties were transferred to a company by the name of Backby Kalliomaa, and at the same time the Foundation divested its hotel and restaurant business. The place was renamed Backby. The Foundation continues to operate in the premises of Backby Manor and focuses on its core competencies, in other words the provision of rehabilitation and working life services. In this way, it has returned to the roots of Kaisa Kallio’s values. Restoring working ability, coping and managing with work and supporting the access of people with partial disabilities to work are now at the core of the efforts of the Foundation.

Get to know the history of Backby and its stages in the videos below.

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