Facials and pampering treatments

Give yourself time and enjoy Backby’s pampering treatments. You can enjoy the relaxing and refreshing feeling given by the various treatments long after the treatment.

60 min 69 €

Vitality of super berries for your skin


The treatment includes an initial cleansing, an analysis of the need for skin treatment, a cleansing exfoliation, a relaxing facial massage and a mask according to the skin type. The active ingredients in the products are super berries from Finnish nature: raspberry, currant, sea buckthorn or cranberry, depending on your skin type.

60 / 90 min 79 / 99 €

Cleansing facial for impure skin

The treatment uses high-quality and effective Ekopharma cranberry series products based on Finnish research and made specifically for the treatment of impure skin.

The treatment includes initial cleansing, cleansing and effective diamond exfoliation or granular exfoliation or ultrasonic cleaning, mechanical cleansing if necessary, cleansing and soothing power mask, serum and treatment cream. When you are wearing the mask, you will be given a wonderful relaxing scalp massage.

If your skin needs more cleansing or if you want a longer relaxing massage, for example, we recommend booking a longer appointment of 90 minutes.

60 /90 min 79/99 €

Moisturising “summer rain” facial treatment for atopic skin

Our beautician will assess the current condition and need for treatment of your skin and plan a treatment package based on the needs of your skin. The treatment is carried out with moisturising special products from the high-quality Finnish Ekopharma range. The treatment also includes a wonderfully relaxing scalp massage.

If you want a longer, relaxing massage, you can book an appointment of 90 minutes.

60 / 90 min 79/99€

Anti-age sea buckthorn facial

A revitalising, refreshing and rejuvenating facial for more experienced skin. Our beautician will assess the condition and need for treatment of your skin and design a package that is right for your skin. The treatment is carried out with high-quality products from the Finnish Ekopharma sea buckthorn series. The treatment can include effective equipment treatments or it can be a gentler treatment, depending on your skin’s need for care and your own wishes.

If you want a longer, relaxing massage, you can book an appointment of 90 minutes.

50 min 75 €

Acid exfoliation treatment

The beautician will perform an acid exfoliation, choosing the right strength from different active acids for your skin. Chemical acid exfoliation brightens the skin, whitens pigment spots and smooths out scars and small lines. The treatment includes initial cleansing, skin analysis, chemical exfoliation, neutralisation of chemical exfoliation, skin-soothing mask, serum and final cream.

50/90 min 65/85 €

Cleansing facial for a young person aged 10 to 16

The treatment is also a good treatment as an adolescent’s first facial treatment. Our beautician will perform an analysis of the condition of the skin and its need for treatment. The treatment may include painless equipment treatments and gentle mechanical cleaning, or just some of them. The treatment is carried out listening to the young person, and the goal is to make the treatment a pleasant experience. During treatment, skin care is discussed on a general level, and tips for further care at home are given. The best results in the care of the unclean skin of a young person are achieved with a series of treatments, such as a visit once a month or every second month. This facilitates home care, when a professional monitors the condition of your skin and advises you regularly. Our beautician can also help you choose the right care products.

If the skin is very unclean, you can book a longer appointment to cleanse the skin more effectively.

60 min 79 €

Diamond exfoliation treatment

Diamond exfoliation is an effective equipment treatment that brightens, cleanses and regenerates the skin. It is used to deal with various skin problems: impurities, clogging, pigmentation, surface dryness, surface wrinkles and superficial scars left by acne.

The treatment is carried out using a device with various diamond treatment heads and an adjustable vacuum. The intensity of the treatment can be adjusted by varying these to suit the requirements of your skin. The treatment removes the dead surface layer of the skin, making the skin more receptive, multiplying the absorption of treatment agents and activating the skin’s metabolism and blood circulation. The treatment is painless, but may be followed by mild, passing redness and a tingling sensation on the skin. Moisturising products are recommended for home care after the treatment. After the treatment, a soothing and moisturising serum, a mask and a treatment cream are applied to the skin.

The best results are achieved with serial treatment, for example 3 to 6 times every 1 to 2 weeks, but even a single treatment brightens and smooths the skin visibly.

It is not recommended to take a sauna or sweat otherwise on the day of treatment. This is something to consider if you are a hotel guest with us. Sunbathing should also be avoided for a week, or a protection factor of at least 50 should be used in the treated area. If you have been made intense chemical exfoliations recently, the diamond exfoliation treatment should be postponed by a few weeks.

If you are taking medication that affects the skin or there is active inflammation in the treated area, diamond exfoliation cannot be performed.

60 min 79 €

Ultrasonic cleansing

Ultrasound treatment is effective but gentle. It is used for deeply cleansing and exfoliating the skin. The treatment is suitable for all skin types and all ages. The cleansing uses the power of ultrasound, where the sound waves bring the impurities in the upper layers of the skin up to the surface. After the treatment, the skin feels fresh and clean. The skin continues to cleanse for a few days after the treatment. The gentle treatment is also suitable for skin suffering from rosacea.

In the treatment, your skin will be thoroughly cleansed 1 to 2 times depending on the need. The treatment also includes a relaxing facial massage.

Ultrasound is also used to promote the absorption of therapeutic agents. Ultrasound “pushes” the active ingredients into the skin. After the treatment, it is therefore important to avoid going to sauna and other sweating on the same day so that the absorbed active ingredients can work deeply in the skin.

If your skin has severe changes, inflammation, cancer or you have a pacemaker, this treatment cannot be performed.

90 min 110,00 €

Beauty of the manor

The perfect treatment experience for the face and body with natural oils and berry extracts. An enjoyable treat that relaxes and refreshes the whole body. The treatment includes a body massage with organic berry oils for the legs, back, shoulders and arms, a refreshing facial according to your skin type and a facial massage.

90 min 110 €

Eyelash perm

Eyelash perm makes your own lashes look longer and it opens your look, and you do not always have to curl the lashes when you put on make-up. It is enough to brush your lashes every day, and the perm will stay for weeks. The longer your own lashes are, the more spectacular the end result. The treatment includes permanent dyeing of the upper lashes. The perm is always individual, depending on the thickness, condition and length of the lashes. The beautician will assess the condition of your lashes and determine the appropriate duration of treatment. This is now a hit at Backby, too!

After the treatment, the lashes should not be wetted for about 24 hours.
If your eyelids are really heavy, this treatment is not recommended

90 min 82 €

Eyelash perm, and shaping and permanent dyeing of eyebrows

In addition to eyelash perm and permanent dyeing of the upper lashes, you get eyebrow shaping and permanent dyeing performed by a professional. Well-groomed eyebrows give colour and liveliness to your face. Have a wonderfully well-groomed and easy-care feeling for weeks!

60 min 65,00 €

Eyebrow lamination

Eyebrow lamination is a treatment that makes your eyebrows look thicker and beautifully shaped for weeks. The treatment includes the use of curling and fixing agents as well as permanent dyeing and shaping of eyebrows. Lamination allows the texture of the eyebrows to be altered so that they stay better in shape and are more manageable. Your eyebrows will remain well-groomed and beautiful for a long period of time, and they will be much easier to care at home.

After the treatment, an eyelash/eyebrow serum should be used at home daily. We give you a 10% discount on the high-quality BTB13 serum in connection with the treatment. You can also use the same serum on eyelashes, making them grow faster and keeping them in better condition. After the treatment, the eyebrows should not be wetted for 24 hours.

60 – 90 min 80 €

Classic eyelash extensions

Classic eyelash extensions are natural lashes that are slightly longer and thicker than your own lashes. If you want to strengthen your lashes a little and save time when putting on make-up, classic extensions are a good choice for you.

There are many different lengths and curvatures in eyelash fibres. These are selected with a professional on the basis of how much longer lashes you want.

The eyelash fibres are glued with a special adhesive to your own lashes. When a professional makes the extensions, they do not damage your own lashes.

You can put on extensions for an upcoming party, for example, or for a longer period of time to make everyday life easier.

90 – 120 min 120 €

Volume lashes

Volume eyelash extensions are also glued to your own lashes, but a “fibre fan” with many fibres in one is added to each of your own lashes. This makes the lashes really thick. You can choose the length and curl together with the professional.

The difference is clearly noticeable after this treatment. The lashes are just gorgeous!

Maintenance of eyelash extensions

If you want to keep the extensions for longer, you should have them maintained about every four weeks.

The condition and permanence of the fibres is checked, and new fibres are glued on if necessary. Every fourth maintenance comes at half price.

Maintenance of classic extensions 60 minutes 60 € 

Maintenance of volume eyelashes 90 minutes 75 € 

Eyelash removal 15 minutes 35 €


Other cosmetic treatments and products for eyelash customers -10%.

60 min 75,00 €

A quick break for body and mind – aromatic body massage

The aromatic treatment oils are selected according to your needs. The treatment experience carried out with light, relaxing massage products refreshes and balances the body and mind, relieves pain and muscle tension, stimulates fluid circulation and cleanses the body. Aromatherapy relaxes you and takes your mind away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life.

60 min 85 €

Hot stone massage

Hot stone massage is performed using basalt stones of different sizes and warm oil heated in hot water. The massage provides deep relaxation and enhances metabolism as well as lymphatic and blood circulation. Stone therapy treatments have been part of oriental medicine for over 5,000 years.

30 min 40 €

Indian head massage

A relaxing massage for shoulders, upper arms, neck and scalp. Includes acupressure treatment of the ears. The treatment is also ideal for those who are stressed or have a stiff neck and shoulder area. The massage uses warm oil on the scalp if the customer so wishes.

Classical massage

A classic massage performed by a trained masseur for muscle stiffness and body stress management.

  • 45 min 50 €
  • 60 min 65 €
  • 90 min 95 €
50 min 59,00 €

Salty and sweet hand treatment

Make your hands beautiful in a hand treatment that brightens and softens the skin, with the power of Finnish berries used in the care products. The treatment includes nail cleaning and shaping, as well as sugar-salt exfoliation of the skin of the hands. You can also choose to have a hand massage or nail polish.

50 min 65 €

Refreshing foot care

Fresh feet, fresh body! The treatment package includes a relaxing warm bath for the feet, nail cleaning and shaping, treatment for calluses and a foot massage. Additional fee for nail polish 12 €.

60 min 75,00 €

Athlete’s foot care

An athlete’s feet are strained in sneakers, football shoes, skates, running shoes or cycling shoes. The treatment includes a relaxing warm foot bath, exfoliation, treatment of calluses, nail trimming and tidying, treatment cream and a long massage. Welcome to give your feet a relaxing, refreshing and revitalizing treatment! They deserve it.

Sugaring and waxing

  • Upper lip or chin 15 min 20.00 €

  • Upper lip and chin 30 min 30.00 €


  • Legs or thighs 30 min 35.00 €


  • Legs and thighs 60 min 60.00 €


  • Bikini area or armpits 20 min 25.00 €


  • Arms 30 min 35.00 €

50 min 59,00

Foot care

Warm, relaxing and softening foot bath
Treatment of calluses
Nail cutting and grooming
Treatment cream
Foot massage

60 min 85,00 €

Facial treatment

Skin analysis and assessment of the need for treatment by a beautician.

The beautician will plan the whole treatment based on the needs of the skin.

The treatment may include all or some of these treatments as needed and desired: pre-cleansing, exfoliation, cleansing with treatment devices or effective diamond exfoliation, mechanical cleansing, power creams and a relaxing light massage of the face or neck area.

90 min 110,00 €

Handsome man of the manor

Initial cleansing, diamond exfoliation, mechanical cleansing if necessary, absorption of the active agent according to the needs of the skin with an ultrasound device, relaxing massage of the neck and shoulders, scalp massage, hand exfoliation, nail cleaning and hand care cream.

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More information and appointments: +358 9 887 191

Good to know

Please come to the hotel lobby in good time before the start of the treatment. If you are late, your treatment time will be shortened. When booking your treatment, please state if you have any illness, allergies, medication or are pregnant as these may prevent you from receiving treatment. 

Cancellation of the booked appointment must be made in the same day by 12.00. We charge 50% of the price of the treatment if the appointment is not cancelled.

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